A Cup of Tea Is Enough to Be Happy

Wednesday , 30, December 2020 Leave a comment

How many of us stretch beyond the roof and the horizon of the sunset in order to grip happiness? The sky is blue to our eyes, but once we get up close, it is not blue. However, in the distance another blue sky appears. Chase the second blue sky, and the same story will repeat over and over again. It is a tricky mind game; a game that does not end and yet actually does not exist at all. The same concept can be applied to the subject of happiness. We all forget the simple things at our hands and imagine something that does not exist; just as we struggle mentally to grip the blue sky far away, arriving nowhere, and returning back home bored to death and empty-handed. This is the human tragedy, and the dilemma of everyone Find more.

One day I came across a friend of mine and found him mildly depressed.
“What is your problem,” I enquired.
He said, “No problem, but no happiness.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“Listen!” He said to me, “Where can I get happiness and remain happier for the rest of my life?”
“Honestly speaking, you don’t need to get happiness, for you were born with it. However, you will need to realize it from within. No map will tell you where to locate happiness,” I answered him.

Unfortunately, happiness remains mysterious or unknown for eternity, unless someone experiences it from within ‘the being’. This implies that a single person becomes both the experience and experiencer of happiness at the same time. No teacher can teach it or put happiness straight into the heart of another being. Rather than being grateful for the cup of tea at his hand, my friend was chasing after the shadows of his illusions.

By ‘cup of tea,’ I mean the simple things that surround one at any given moment; the things within one’s reach, the blessings one’s been given, the beauty that surrounds, and the love that showers from the creator of the universe. (You may want to explain the importance of tea in a certain culture(s), to show that it’s a source of comfort, a way to start and finish the day, a way to spend time with friends, and one of the simplest of life’s pleasures). A cup of tea is the beginning station to step out the door and become grateful to creation and creator. It is the simplest principle to experience beatitude or supreme happiness.

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